When considering a real estate investment in a foreign country there is a number of points you need to take into account. Is the country safe? Can I buy and sell whenever I want? Can I send and receive money whenever I need? What if I’m not living the whole year in the country?

There are no countries on earth that are completely riskless. So is also Costa Rica. You can find on the internet some stories of people having a bad experience while buying a property in Costa Rica. But Costa Rica is one of the safest lands to do a real estate investment. It’s a stable democratic republic with no army. The Costa Rican people are peaceful and friendly.

As an owner of a property, you have exact the same rights and duties as the local Costa Rican owners. You can send and receive as much money as you want, as long as you can prove the origin of the money. You can sell your property at any time.

Always ask a lawyer to help you with all the steps of a real estate investment.

If you are not living the whole year round in the country, consider taking a property management office that can take care of your property. You can also own some money with vacation rental. It’s also a good idea to buy in a gated community with a 24/7 security service.

Guaria Morada has been thought to offer maximum benefits for a safe real estate investment: fully titled lots, gated community, English speaking lawyer, property management company, everything is there for you to enjoy the life in Costa Rica, we take care for you.

Costa Rica is a country where it’s still possible to realise great real estate investment. The country is safe and as a foreign investor you have the same rights as the national investors.