Investing in Real Estate is not an easy task, especially abroad, but there are a few useful tips and tricks that can help you.


Guaria Morada Residencias
A little paradise for families in Jacó, Costa Rica

  • To get in early with real estate, part of the trick is to be in the path of development rather than picking somewhere that is already well developed. At Guaria Morada Residencias you can choose from 22 fully titled lots to build your dream house.
  • Infrastructure! Meaning: roads, electricity, internet access, water systems, surrounding structures etc. It’s up to you if you want to invest in an acre of just land or a lot where you already have the necessary installations for living, both types of land are of great value but only one has a present measurable value.
  • Buy something that you can make work and would be happy owning without having to rely on major property improvements by a developer.
  • If you are buying pre-construction, buy from someone that has already done it, preferably multiple times, and make payments in stages so the job gets done well and in a timely manner.
  • Security! Being at a gated community always makes you sleep much better, not to brag about anything but at Guaria Morada Residencias we have 24/7 security to make you feel safe at all times.