5 Reasons to retire in Costa Rica

Choosing to live in a different country from yours after retiring is a huge decision, maybe it’s been your lifelong dream to be somewhere else but daily life demands and traditions “held you hostage” now that you’re at this golden stage, you want to make sure you make the best decision and that’s why [...]

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Do I need a lawyer to invest in Costa Rica?

Costa Rican laws are very similar to the ones in the USA or Canada. Except that, all official papers need to be in Spanish. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a lawyer that is fully bilingual English/Spanish. To buy safely in Costa Rica just follow a few easy steps, [...]

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Is it safe to invest in Costa Rica?

When considering a real estate investment in a foreign country there is a number of points you need to take into account. Is the country safe? Can I buy and sell whenever I want? Can I send and receive money whenever I need? What if I’m not living the whole year in the country? There [...]

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